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Worn-Out Insulation

If your insulation has sustained damage from pests, water, fire, or mold, or if it’s simply old and outdated, removing and replacing it is the most energy-efficient and safest option. Our insulation removal and replacement services involve vacuuming out all of the existing insulation to eliminate any toxins that may be present. Once the attic is empty, we apply an anti-microbial treatment to eliminate any bacteria, viruses, or mold that may still be lingering. Next, we perform an “Air Seal,” which involves using foam to fill all cavities leading into your interior walls to prevent any hot air leakage through outlets, light fixtures, switches, and other openings. We also offer the option of adding a Reflective Radiant Barrier to further improve energy efficiency. Finally, we install fiberglass or cellulose insulation up to the R-38 recommended by Florida code, resulting in a newly updated and energy-efficient attic.



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When should you replace your insulation?

There are several cases where insulation removal and replacement services are a necessity.
You should get in touch with us if:
Your new insulation will be safer while making it much easier to keep your home at a reasonable temperature.
Call us today at (727) 608-6389 to start planning your attic restoration.


Laurie W.

Reasonable price, professional and done in an hour for 1100sq ft. Very courteous and informative. I recommend highly.

Maria Fern

I highly recommend Joe Blows Insulation for any insulation work! They do it all, and are very professional. They were on time, and did the job in just 2 days. These guys are a great team, I will be recommending them to anyone I know who needs new insulation or removals.

Mary Patankar

Joey and his team did a great job removing all my infected insulation and topping it with new insulation. Austin was very helpful in his explanations on everything that they would be doing and keeping me updated with their work. Would hire again and will be referring to everyone i know. Thanks guys!

John McManus

Joe was very responsive and professional, we'd highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their home's efficiency. Effective and affordable.

Barbara Beech

Joe was extremely professional and very knowledgeable about blowing insulation into our very small attic! They did a great job and was a great value! Very friendly and would highly recommend for your insulation jobs!

Angela DiMattia

Our experience with Joe Blow's Insulation was fabulous. Joe and Austin are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and hard-working. They arrived on time, took pictures (before and after) as they worked, and finished in an hour! Excellent team, and a job well done. I have already referred them to two others and will continue to do so!

Common Questions

Most Popular Questions.

In case your question is not included or if you have specific inquiries about your home and project, please feel free to reach out to us via phone. We’d be happy to assist you further.

Our area of expertise lies in attic insulation. We don’t undertake projects related to wall or crawlspace insulation.

Certainly! We’ll visit your home, assess its unique requirements, and offer you a complimentary estimate.

Absolutely! We can safely and efficiently remove and clean up your attic. It’s worth noting that we don’t offer pest control services. Please keep in mind that several pest control companies provide insulation removal services, but this may result in contamination.


Your new attic insulation will pay for itself within 2-3 years. We are so confident of that, we offer a written, money-back guarantee that your insulation will pay for itself in three years.


A complete window installation will pay for itself in seven years. Call us to learn more.


Although we don’t provide pest removal services, we strongly advise you to opt for a professional insulation company for your insulation removal needs. You can find further information about the potential drawbacks of selecting a pest control company for insulation removal on our page Insulation Removal.

Yes! All our installers are employees, and not sub-contractors. They have completed training, and take great pride in their craftsmenship.


Yes! All Tallahassee Spray Foam employees have undergone background checks and drug testing.